Eight Months Later Edit

As Omar was hanging on a rope, suspended above the parliament building, he started double-checking his equipment.


"Check!" Replied one of the two agents with him.

"Electric Saws!"

"Check!" Replied the second agent.

"EID's! (Electronic Interaction Devices.)"


"Oi, Jack, you did hack the alarms right? They won't instantly go off, right?"

"Stop worrying about my work, and get going!" Replied Jack, their computer specialist, inside the aircraft.

"With your track record all I can think about is you! Okay, five, four, three, two, one, drop!"

The three man team unbuckled their harnesses, just above the skylight and started falling fast. Quickly gaining momentum they smashed the glass in the skylight, hitting the floor with a loud clang. They were inside a large room, quite lavishly decorated with a large fountain in the middle, luckily, there were only two guards present inside the room, startled, they made easy prey as Omar raised his pistol.

Two shots, and the guards fell to the ground.

"Let's move!" Shouted Omar. "Francis, you keep watch up here, Jerry, make your way to the control room, keep in the shadows, got it?"

"Yes sir!" They both replied.

"As for me, I going to have a little safe-cracking session."

"As Omar ran down through the corridors, and the hallways leading down to the vault doors, he encountered no resistance at all. For a agent of his training level, this was easy. Too easy.

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