"I hate this coffee!" said Jack, as he nervously started to lean on the back of one of his agent's chairs. "How long until we're ready," he said impatiently, "You know that we could be hanged for treason right now if our governments found out about this."

We're shipping as fast as we can sir, but with their recent border security upgrades, we'll have to move back Operation Deliverance by at least a month, on top of our previous estimates." The Agent replied.

"So two more months until I can stop worrying about dying, huh?"

"Don't worry sir, even if they did find out, this bunker can withstand a nuclear strike."

"Still, I still feel insecure. What assets do we have there?"

"Enough assault rifles, sidearms, and the ammunition to fire them, to equip around 150,000 troops, and several dozen MiG-31's."

"What about the navy?"

"Err, yeah, the navy, we have sent 3 Ster- Stergshk-"


"Yes, Steregushchiy-class Corvettes, along with several cruise missiles, armed with tactical nuclear warheads."


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